Japan Pulp & Paper Group Taxation Policy

The Japan Pulp & Paper Group (the “group”) will pay taxes appropriately in all countries and regions where we do business, thus contributing to the development of economies and societies and to the interests of all our stakeholders.

1. Taxation Compliance

We will comply with the taxation codes and relevant laws and regulations in force in the countries and regions where we do business, and will declare income and pay taxes appropriately.

2. Transfer Pricing

In transactions with foreign-related parties, we will conduct business at a price in line with the arm’s length principle, to ensure that we pay taxes appropriately in each country and region where we do business.

3. Taxation Planning

We will conduct taxation planning in line with the purposes and actual conditions of our business activities, and will not interpret laws and regulations for the sole purpose of taxation avoidance or in contravention of the intent of taxation laws and regulations and international rules on taxation.

4. Countermeasures for Taxation Risk

With regard to important taxation issues, in addition to receiving advice from outside experts, we will work to minimize taxation risk through prior consultation with taxation authorities as necessary.

5. Relationships with Taxation Authorities

We will work to establish and maintain relationships of trust with taxation authorities, by responding sincerely to taxation audits, investigations and other inquiries.

6. Taxation Governance Systems

We have a system in place in which all important questions relating to taxes are to be reported to executives in charge of taxation affairs. We will also work to establish a system for information sharing, consultation and advice, in order to raise the level of understanding and awareness of taxation matters among all executives and employees.

Established February 8, 2022

Akihiko Watanabe, President
Japan Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd

Effective April 1, 2022