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Focusing on society's future requirements

Since it’s founding in 1845, OVOL Japan Pulp & Paper Group has been constantly enhancing its capabilities as a paper distributor and expanding its area of business coverage in line with the changing needs of society and the times. The Group will continue to pursue the unlimited possibilities of paper and further expand its business activities with a focus on meeting the future needs of people and society. 

Japan Pulp & Paper GmbH, located in Düsseldorf, Germany, was founded in 1972 as a 100% Subsidiary of Japan Pulp and Paper Co. Ltd, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.  

Since then, markets have been developed and the portfolio diversified not only focusing on the paper as core business of the group, but expanding into packaging industry, the chemical industry and the electronics industry.  

Japan Pulp & Paper GmbH is considered as the role model for successfully meeting the changing needs of markets, people and society.  

From 1845 to the Future

From 1845 to the Future

Almost 2 centuries ago the parent company was founded in Kyoto and specialized in the distribution of “Washi Papers”, so-called Japanese rice Papers.  

With the steady expansion of our portfolio, the network of Japan Pulp & Paper Group has grown to date. Today the company has more than 60 offices in Japan and over 100 affiliates worldwide which can offer a wide range of specialty papers and films, packaging, chemicals, electronics and very niche solutions into a variety of different market segments.   

Group Profile Video

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Group Profile

This video provides a brief overview of the five core business segments of Japan Pulp & Paper Group.  

(Japan Wholesaling, Non-Japan Wholesaling, Paper Manufacturing, Processing, Raw Materials & Environment as well as Real Estate)