Japan Pulp & Paper Group Sustainability Policy

Since its foundation in Kyoto in 1845 as Echisan Shōten, a merchant of traditional Japanese paper (washi), Japan Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. has continually contributed to people’s lives, cultures, education, and to the development of society and the economy by ensuring a stable supply of paper, while responding sincerely to the changing needs of society. Today, we have grown to become a global corporate group with activities across five business segments.

The Japan Pulp & Paper Group, as part of its Corporate Philosophy, defines its mission as “carving a better future for society and the environment.” Based on this Corporate Philosophy and the Charter of Corporate Behavior, and by implementing the Code of Conduct for Group Executives and Employees our Sustainability Policy aims to help make a sustainable society a reality, while working to achieve sustainable growth for the group and to improve medium- and long-term corporate value.

In accordance with this policy, specific policies on important issues relating to sustainability will be determined on an individual basis

Established February 8, 2022

Akihiko Watanabe, President
Japan Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.

Effective April 1, 2022